My art practice primarily consists of drawing, painting, and printmaking, derived from the ancient woodland landscapes of South Shropshire, a border county between England and Wales. Through this landscape, I have explored a world that lives between the conscious and the ephemeral, a place of memory and imagination.
My work focuses on the twilight hours of the day, capturing light, form, and colour, using loosely applied marks with oil paint that convey the idea of structure and form. The paintings are on a large scale and applied to canvas or panel.
Many of the themes in my art are constantly revisited, reworked, and developed. Compositions such as Mortimer, Archway, Estuary, and Dark Woods are subjects I have come back to repeatedly and have over time moved from topographic representation to something more implied and less formal, with an emphasis on light and mark making.
At present, I am currently working on a series of large paintings. The content is a mixture of revisited ideas and new themes linked to the landscape and within this context, I see my work in the tradition of the Romantic landscape and its associated pictorial imagery.

Russell Gilder
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